GOALS MAGE SIMPLE: The 10-Step Blueprint To Achieve Your Goals

Table of Contents GOAL BASICS STOP FANTASIZING START COMMITTING START STARTING! VISUALIZE THE PROCESS NOT THE OUTCOME AVOID THE WHAT­THE­HELL EFFECT FOCUS & ANALYSIS PARALYSIS YOU HAVE POWERFUL RESOURCES KNOW WHEN TO STOP REMIND YOURSELF ON THE BENEFITS OF MEETING A GOAL FINAL WORDS WORKSHEET 1 GOAL BASICS There are already millions of articles and books written about setting and achieving your goals. But still, most of the goals people set they never actually achieve. People die every day with great ideas, potential, and dreams that they never accomplish. Life is too short. Don’t let that be you! Here are some noteworthy tips that will help you achieve the goals that you want in life. 1) You must be inspired by your goals. You should be pulled not pushed every day to jump up out of bed and go get it! It must be something that will drive you to strive harder and be fulfilled in the end as you obtained it. Passion is something that burns inside of you and gets you to take action to do whatever it takes to have your goals. It keeps you on track, strengthens your focus and motivates you. It is what inspires you and leads you to your desired goal. You should be inspired and passionate about your goals because as soon as you have a challenging time, you will have the motivation to push through it. 2) Your goals should be original. This doesn’t mean that your goals are not somewhat similar or the same as other individuals. It just means that you should have your own goal that you set for yourself, not a second­hand one. Many people are going after goals based on the expectation and hopes of their cultural norms, society, parents and teachers. This results in situations where you cannot hold the inner drive and motivation to achieve the goal because it is not coming from you. Remember that when setting a goal they should be your ideas and you should earn fulfillment and happiness as you accomplish it. \ 3) Find your “ONE THING”! Don’t sweat the small stuff. Figure out what is going to be the ONE thing that if you executed on a daily basis would make everything else easier or unnecessary. 2 Figure out what 20% of activity is going to get you 80% of your results and focus only on that! Then TAKE ACTION! Do your tasks one at a time since multitasking is a strategy for failure. This will reduce your stress while you chop away every day at the most important things that are going to move you closer to what you really want. 4) The goals you set must be BIG! The bigger the goal, the greater the motivation! Set BIG goals and you will encounter big problems and find big solutions. It takes the same amount of energy to think small so you might as well think BIG! These goals should not be based on what others think are big. If you knew you could not fail what would you reach for? Be realistic…. I hate saying this. But the goals that you will be setting must be accomplishable within a lifetime. At least in this goal exercise right now Although a realistic goal isn’t based on what other people consider impossible. There are goals which seem unachievable for everybody at one point in time, but determined people who have a passion were able to create what was once thought to be impossible. Like building a personal computer at home, or putting a man on the moon. Don’t let others tell you what is possible. 5) Become the person who you need to be to achieve that goal. If you want to get somewhere where you never have gone before, you are going to have to do something that you have never done before. You must rise to the occasion of becoming the person who you need to be to make that dream a reality. Just like in sports or in any area of business if you want to be the best at what you do you must consistently elevate your game. STEP UP! 6) Make your goals specific. Your goals should not be vague, you must have a specific goal that is clear to you. So you can take the next steps to figure out what is the best way to get what you want and create a plan to make the right attack towards 3 it. You want to know what hitting your goal would look like. A common goal people set for themselves is to be rich or financially free. What does that mean? If you want to be rich or financially free then specify what exactly that means to you and what number that is. Everyone is different. 7) P.F.D. (Probe, Fold, Double Down) Run experiments. People sabotage themselves because they become stubborn in the strategy in how they are going to achieve their goals. Run an experiment and if it is not working…then don’t keep on doing it! If something is working for you, then you should make note of it and double down and take even more of that action that got you the result that you wanted. Be flexible in your approach. 8) You must visualize your goals and the process. Visualizing your goals in life will help you serve as your motivation. Your brain can’t tell the difference between what is real and what is in your imagination. Imagining your goals makes them more realistic and believable; this will energize you and inspire you to strive harder in obtaining them. Make sure you visualize the struggle, obstacles and the hard work that you are going to have to put in to achieve your goals. When you visualize the process with all of the struggles that come along with achieving your goals, do it with a big smile on your face! You will trick your brain to associate pleasure with the process. 9) You should affirm your goals. You must believe in yourself that the goal that you set is attainable and let everyone know about it so they can contribute to your achievement process. Keep it in your mind that if you do not believe in your goal, then you can never have it. Don’t lie to yourself! If you do not have a passion for it, then you can never attain success. 10) Have a deadline. A goal without a deadline and a plan is just a wish. I am not writing this to teach you how to dream, the world has enough people who dream and wish, but have a shortage of people who actually do what they envision 4 for themselves. Set specific goals with deadlines, and if you have to extend the deadline then so be it, but you need to have a deadline. 11) You must write down a list of all the goals that you want to achieve. Write down your goals every day! If you can’t find the time every day to write down your goals, then it must not be that important to you. It has been proven through studies that people who write down their goals have a higher probability of accomplishing their goals rather than those who only list such goals in their minds. People who don’t have a list of their goals written are more likely to not have the same clarity, motivation, and focus as those who do. STOP FANTASIZING Sometimes, it seems that you are living in a world of fantasy. Be the protector of your brain, and the content you consume every day. Excessive TV, Video Games, and Entertainment are one of the ways people distract themselves from their reality and escape from the happenings in the real world. The scary part is some people are gratified from these forms of entertainment. This act of fantasizing and being addicted to watching instead of doing can have grave consequences. The media today is unfortunately very negative, and this can discourage people to take the necessary action to achieve their goals. As a result of all the negativity and junk that the average American consumes on a daily basis, they end up scared and discouraged sitting on the couch watching others achieve their dreams instead of actively going after their own. This act of fantasizing every now and then can be a good thing if you are fantasizing about your goals. Whenever you fantasize something, there can be a great chance that you are going to lust after it. That is why it is important that our brains consume positive things that are going to push you to be more confident and motivated as opposed to being obsessed with fantasizing by watching junk TV or watching others achieve their goals while you distract yourself from your own reality. So stop fantasizing now and set out to start achieving goals that you have 5 in your real world. This is the only way you will have real satisfaction in life. START COMMITTING Make a DECISION…. and then COMMIT! Being a goal­oriented individual will help you achieve all of the goals that you want in life. The term goal­oriented individual has been given much importance in the past yet recently has been losing its significance, and is used more loosely by people today. In this book, you will learn about the main reasons why being goal­oriented is imperative to your success. The term goal is defined as the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. When reaching for your goals, you will have to develop a process and a strategy. This process is going to cause you to grow to become the person you need to be to hit your goals. Your brain is like plastic and not elastic, once you stretch yourself, with commitment and good habits in place, you will be far more likely to not go back to being the same person you were before. This transformation will be a journey and one of the most fulfilling experiences while you are in pursuit of your goals. One more advantage to being a goal­oriented person is developing an excellent capability of thinking long term. It is evident and commonly known that people tend to think for the short term only, and often become discouraged when they are faced with obstacles on their journey to success. The strategies and mindset that are at the core of this blueprint will serve you for the rest of your life. In the beginning, you must make a decision about what you want, why you want it, and what you are willing to sacrifice to achieve your goals. Think about how your present actions will affect your life in the future. The things you are doing now to develop yourself will surely determine who you will become, and what kind of life you are going to have in the future. While going after these goals of yours, you will become a better individual, and learn things that you can apply throughout your life. 6 Now you know something about the importance of being goal­oriented and how important it is in one’s life, it is now time for you to start planning and improving your life. Start practicing to become a truly goal­oriented person. When I think of an example of a truly goal oriented person Michael Jordan comes to mind. In an interview, Michal said, “I hope the millions of people I’ve touched have the optimism and desire to share their goals and hard work and persevere with a positive attitude.” Michal knew the importance of setting, sharing and having a positive attitude towards goals. Michael Jordan has countless quotes that illustrate how much of a competitor and athlete he is START STARTING! Everyone surely has his or her own dreams and goals in life. But it is evident that most people just keep on dreaming and never take any action in order to attain those goals. They just keep on missing the opportunities to take action as they make the same goals all over again. They wish and wish that somehow what they want is going to fall right into their lap. Unfortunately, they never take the necessary action to make their goals come true. Do not wait for the other people to encourage you to achieve your goals, be the one to show others that you have what it takes to be successful. Here are some suggestions that you can do to show yourself and others that you are capable of achieving success. ● Be proactive in taking the necessary attitude to achieve your goals. Make sure that you feed your brain positive and motivational material on a daily basis. You brush your teeth and shower every day (hopefully). So do the same for your brain have daily hygiene maintenance that will keep you in a peak state of mind. ● Have a positive “Can do” attitude. Whenever unexpected setbacks occur, respond to them with the attitude that you will figure out the solution, and this is just a small bump in the road. ● Don’t take “No” for an answer if you want it, you can get it! ● Block out time in your schedule to think about your goals and what 7 is most important to you. You have plenty of extra time somewhere in the day either hanging out or while entertaining yourself. Try to steal some time from those activities and think about how you can improve yourself. Act like no one will be there to save you, and you are responsible for your results and shaping your future. You have to take the action to improve your life. Do not ever remain complacent and stagnant if you want to have a change in your life. Dream high and always look for ways to get better. VISUALIZE THE PROCESS NOT THE OUTCOME Do you know that you have a great power? The super successful, elites, top performing athletes use this. This powerful exercise is called the “visualization.” The daily routine of visualizing your goals helps you in achieving your dreams and increases your ambitions. Here are some important things that happen when you practice visualizing your goals and dreams. ● Your artistic subconscious is activated. This starts producing creative ideas that can give you new and creative ways to achieve your goal. ● Visualization programs your mind and brain. Through this, you will be ready to recognize the resources that you need to be able to accomplish your dreams. ● The law of attraction is being activated, bringing to your life the circumstances, people and resources that you need to attain your goals. ● Your internal motivation is being built, motivating you to strive harder to obtain your goals. Visualization is considered to be an easy way of entertaining yourself. You will just simply choose one area where you can relax without distractions. Close your eyes slowly and start imagining of things in a way that you want them to be in the vivid detail. There are many different visualization exercises that you can do. Some are short and sweet, and some you can dive deeper into the visualization. There is a quick one that is called a Mental Workout that I 8 learned in the book Executive Toughness by Dr. Jason Selk that I use every day multiple times a day. Committing to your mental workouts is the most best way to train your mind to focus and maintain attention on the details of what causes success in your life. Just as your body responds to consistent strength training, your mind responds to regular mental workouts. Try to take the 100 seconds each day to develop your mental strength and stay in shape for performance. The Mental Workout Step 1: Centering breath (15 seconds): Breathe in for 6 seconds. Hold for 2 seconds. Breathe out for 7 seconds. Step 2: Identity statement (5 seconds): Recite your identity statement in your head. Step 3: Vision and integrity highlight reel (60 seconds): Run in your head your “self­image video” and then your “integrity video clip” Your vision of self­image is when you vision examples of yourself succeeding in the past, and imagine yourself in the future crushing your goals. Your integrity video is when you visualize yourself doing the tasks you need to do within the next day to make your vision of self­image become a reality. Step 4: Identity statement (5 seconds): Repeat your identity statement to yourself. Step 5: Centering breath (15 seconds): Breathe in for 6 seconds. Hold for 2 seconds. Breathe out for 7 seconds. And now you know your mind is focused and ready to perform. I like this exercise because it is quick and gets me in the right state of mind. You can do it too I find it hard to believe that anyone is so busy that he or she can’t find 100 seconds— (1 minute and 40 seconds)— to undertake the single most important step toward effectively executing those tasks most linked to success. One hundred seconds is about the same time it takes to dry off after a shower or delete the junk mail from your inbox. I’ve seen that failure to complete the mental workout isn’t necessarily a matter of lack of time as much as it is a function of lack of 9 habit. Another more in depth visualization process referred to as the “mental rehearsal”. In this method, you are required to set a time daily when you will be setting aside everything to do this exercise. The most common times of the day when peak performers do it is in when they wake up in the morning, before going to bed or after praying and meditation. In short, choose the times of the day when you are most relaxed. Here is another visualization technique which takes a longer but goes more in depth. Follow the three recommended steps below: Step 1: Imagine being inside a movie theater with the lights dim and the movie is about to start. The movie is all about you doing all things you need to do during the day/week as perfectly as you want them. Observe the important details that can help you. For example your facial expressions, clothing, some movements of the body and the kind of people and the environment around you. You can also add some hearing effects like music, other people chitchatting, traffic or cheering. Lastly, imagine any emotion you may be feeling while you are experiencing the activity. Step 2: Stand up from where you are sitting, walk towards the screen, open and enter through it and go to the movie. This time, experience all things again from within you by looking out through your eyes. This type of activity produces an embodied image, not a distant one. Through this, the clarity of your experience will be intensified. Once again, take a look at everything in stunning detail, feel the feelings that you should feel and hear the sounds that you are supposed to hear. Step 3: Lastly, walk going out of the screen and sit back at your former position while you continuously see yourself performing all of your tasks that you need to do. Later, reach out to the screen and grab it. Reduce its size to a cracker size. Put it inside your mouth, chew it and swallow it. Imagine all you have seen is traveling now within your body, through your stomach, bloodstream and in every cell of yours. Then, imagine every cell in your body lit up with the same movie. In about five minutes, you will now finish the process by opening your 10 eyes and writing down your goals or list of “why’s” the reasons why your goals are important to you. Make this as usual routine in your daily life and see how it can help you improve yourself. Another helpful method is creating a photograph collage poster board for yourself with the goals that you want to accomplish. If you want to own a brand new car or a new home, then have a picture of it. If your goal is visiting an amazing travel destination, then have a picture of you as if you are there. I recommend that you create a vision board picture for each one of the goals you have, your wants, career, finances new abilities and skills, etc. You must practice some type of visualization daily. Just having a collage of all the goals that you wish to achieve is not going to do it for you. Have a list of the current goals that you want to reach. Write them on an index card and keep the cards nearby your sleeping place. Bring them also with you as you travel. Every morning and every night take the time to take a look at these cards, then close your eyes and imagine the perfect completion of such goals for a couple of minutes. I would highly recommend affirmations which are a written statements that you say aloud to yourself with passion. You’re written statements as if you have already completed the goal and by a specific deadline. Repetition of affirmations and visualizations each day will dramatically help you focus more on your goal. It supports your motivation and programs the subconscious by commanding yourself to do whatever it requires to make your goal happen. Continuously repeat the affirmations and visualizations that you have each night and morning. Within a month they will automatically become part of your daily thinking. They will become rooted in the foundation of your total being. This is powerful! By having a list of your goals, visualizing them, and repeating your affirmations, you will surely get satisfying and awesome results. These techniques permit you to bind together the billion of brain cells inside your brain and let them work in cooperation and unity to find solutions to your current problems or goals. Affirmations and visualization let you 11 have the chance to transform your opinions and beliefs about yourself and jumpstart your motivation for the day. Surely programming your subconscious will alter how you think forever, but this is not going to happen overnight. It eventually takes place whenever you affirm and visualize, read encouraging books, mingle with positive individuals and listen to encouraging and inspiring audiovisual programs. AVOID THE WHAT­THE­HELL EFFECT Setting your goal can be a nice way for you to have an opportunity to improve your performance. But sometimes you can get off track and have a spiteful little side effect called the “What the hell effect.” Let’s take dieting for example. Consider that you have diet and set a daily amount of calorie intake goal, and you are planning to keep this up for some days, but unexpectedly, your friends brought you to a restaurant one day. That resulted in a situation where you are having a meal in a restaurant, rather than a healthy one at home. You’re friends buy some appetizers and drinks and urge you to try some and don’t be left out. By the time you sharing some appetizers and drinks with your are already near to your daily calorie intake amount. Before the waiter comes you have decided to have some bread and salad so that you don’t go too far over your limit for the day. But there is something that attracts you to have a steak. Then, you realize that you have already violated the calorie limit that you are supposed to have. What the hell, you will take the steak on the menu anyway. This gives you the picture that sometimes as you go along in reaching your goals, things can unexpectedly go out of the window as you enjoy a moment of madness. You can also get sidetracked in the daily actions that you need to take to achieve your goals because you say “things just popped up”, and you were busy. The “what the hell effect” is not just a momentary lapse or a sudden lack of self­control. It is also greatly related to the reason why people don’t achieve their goals, and this has been discovered and proven by expert psychologists in many studies. 12 Everyone should avoid this what­the­hell effect. The what­the­hell effect is not just applicable for dieters, it also relates to setting your goals and following through with your commitments. It can be about shopping, money, alcohol or other areas into which you have set your limitations for yourself. It is always expected that when you have a goal or a restriction, you will do all your best to maintain it during the first days. But later, you tend to lose control over it. To fight back against this “what the hell effect,” it is important that you should recognize these situations when you start to slip. The “what the hell effect” should be considered when you set short term goals like today or tomorrow, compared to those next week or next month, especially when you are trying to stop a bad habit. Reframing and tracking your activity to focus on “the now” and completing a task or following through with your commitments will eliminate the problem of experiencing the “what the hell effect.” FOCUS & ANALYSIS PARALYSIS Have you ever experienced wanting something that you really wanted to achieve? Have you ever set a deadline for your goal but became confused on what to focus on first? Sometimes that can cause what I like to call “analysis paralysis” which is the state of over­analyzing (or overthinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome. And when that time comes, you wish that you would have taken more action rather than just trying to analyze everything and make sure everything was perfect before you started. Remember this: CONDITIONS WILL NEVER BE 100% PERFECT TO START, SO DON’T WAIT JUST DO! I believe that maybe the main reason for people not hitting their goals or never starting in the first place is that they shift their focus on the insignificant things rather than focusing on the 20% of activity that is going to yield you 80% of your results. Listed below are some tips that will help you create better focus and avoid the “analysis paralysis” death spiral. Be creative and clear in making your plan for your ideal lifestyle. When it is evident to you of what and who you want to be someday, it will 13 be easier for you to get there. Once you know the things that you want to happen, you can brainstorm all the different ways that you are going to get what you want. Once you have written this list start running experiments and see what is working for you and double down and stop what is not. When you are running these experiments don’t have too many variables at one time. This could get confusing for you to figure out what is exactly working and what is not. It will be wise for you to take action on improving one aspect at a time. Concentrate on the 20% of the daily steps that are going to give you the most results. Then you can start another experiment right after the previous one. ● Take time to reflect. Think about the reasons of why you want to achieve your goals. Knowing this will give you the motivation to stick with it threw the challenging times it will also give you more clarity and focus. ● Write them down your list of “Why’s.” If you have cards or a notebook, list your entire goals and “why’s” and keep it handy while you plan out your daily/weekly schedule. You can also store this in your devices, which can give you a reminder alert or message during the day. They will serve as reminders for you to make sure that the majority of your actions are in alignment with your goals. ● Have a well­defined schedule for working towards your goal. When and what kind of activities you are going to do? What are the times, the places you are going to get your work done? You can set alarms or notifications on your devices to remind you that you must take necessary actions and stay on track. If you get off track that is ok, recognize that you slipped up and pick up where you left off. Nobody is perfect and on point 100% of the time. The key is to catch yourself and get back on track. Work with an accountability buddy. This person is going to be able to hold you accountable and motivate you to follow through on your commitments. Reward yourself throughout the process in working towards your goals. Small incremental rewards maybe like a day trip to the beach or spending time going out with friends can be refreshing. 14 YOU HAVE POWERFUL RESOURCES Earlier we talked about how once you have a clear vision of your ideal lifestyle it will be easier for you to brainstorm some of the ways that you can achieve your goals. In this chapter, we will discuss some of the resources that you have available to you. ● Identify what resources are going to be the best for you to use to improve your knowledge, network, finances, skills, and expertise. ● Whatever resources that you have, create a plan to take advantage of them. ● Figure out who you know who could be a potential mentor. ● Figure out what books, audio books, and courses you can use to help improve your knowledge. ● Find someone who is experienced in what you’re trying to achieve who you can bounce your ideas off of. ● Find an accountability buddy and set up a system to hold you accountable to your commitments. ● You should be resourceful in how you use some of your resources that you already have access to achieve your goals. Below are more examples of recourses and other assets that you already have that can help you achieve your goals: ● Your Mentors ● Your Experiences ● Your Learning’s ● Your Contacts ● Your Skills ● Your Reputation ● Your Outlook and Attitude ● Your Support and Encouragement from others ● Your Wisdom and Maturity ● Your Enthusiasm and Energy ● Your Persistence and Determination ● Your Money or Other Assets Once you have developed a strategy and identified who and what can help you reach your goals you’re more than halfway there! 15 KNOW WHEN TO STOP The following are some examples of what are some hindrances to avoid when trying to achieve your goal: ● You become stubborn and inflexible in your strategy on how you are going to achieve your goals remember P.F.D. (Probe, Fold, and Double Down) ● You should have one goal at time only. Having two goals at the same time will confuse you and upon concentrating on one will make it difficult for you to achieve the other one. ● Another thing that can hurt you is trying to focus on too many things to do. You should have what is called tunnel vision. This is when you focus on the 20% actions that are going to yield you 80% of the results, leaving behind the other things that are not as important. The act of setting and achieving your goals is also limited when it comes to the individual’s self­image. How you view yourself is a critical factor in your success. It is often the unconscious that controls at least 90% of our actions. It is important to remember that we will not outperform or underperform our self­image for too long. So it is important that we hold a positive self­image in our head to command our subconscious behavior to move us closer towards our goals. REMIND YOURSELF ON THE BENEFITS OF MEETING A GOAL There are several benefits that we receive when we set goals and achieve them. Below are some of the incredible advantages: ● You develop more self­confidence in your ability to turn your dreams into reality. ● You will help out others because they will look up you as an example. ● You become even a better version of yourself than ever before and you stretched yourself and your thinking and will never go back to the original you. 16 ● You can show others that you really can achieve something, which they might have thought was impossible. ● You will experience a deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that nobody can ever take away from you. ● The potential financial reward that comes with hitting your goal. ● You will have a something to look back at to be a pillar of strength and remind you about how you persevered and achieved what you set out to do. ● You will strive harder and be more motivated as you achieve your future goals. ● The confidence you have makes you happier improving the quality of your life. ● You will have a developed focus and to obtain your goal. Enabling you to go on through the difficult times even if it seems that you’re not making progress anymore. These advantages will help you in achieving your future desired goals. You will become even more of a goal­oriented individual in other areas of your life giving you the determination and the drive to become great in all areas of your life. FINAL WORDS It’s so important in life to have goals and a vision, if you don’t know where you want to go or what you want than you will end up settling for anything that comes your way. You now have the ability to set goals and achieve anything that you want in life. As long as you have the right work hard ethic and persistence combined with the knowledge and skills anything is possible. Set a goal pick a deadline and go after it. Remember that a goal without a deadline and a plan is just a wish. And the world does not need any more people who only dream but never take action. Find what is going to motivate and inspire you to overcome the challenging times. The first thing that you must have is to gain the fundamental knowledge and basic ideas about achieving your goals. This does not necessarily mean that you have to know everything in order to be capable of obtaining a goal. All you need to have is the willingness to always look 17 for a way to improve. Stop fantasizing and consuming hours out of your days indulged in entertainment watching other people achieve their goals wishing that was you. Don’t waste time doing things that are not going to get you anywhere in life and figure out what it is that if you looked back and the end of your life you were not filled with regret that you never tried or never took the action. Life’s too short to just sit around dreaming of what you want with no intention of making those dreams of yours a reality. We don’t know how much time we have left on earth, and we should not waste it. Being caught up in a virtual fantasy world will just trick you­you to keep on believing that you are achieving something even if you aren’t going after any achievements at all in your real life. Leave those fantasies and start setting and planning your goals in life. You must make a decision and resolve to do whatever it takes to obtain your goals. Don’t wait for tomorrow because there is no time like today. Be true to yourself and aim high. You must also keep your focus on the next step and learn to fall in love with the hustle, struggle, and the sacrifice that It is going to take to achieve what you want. Just do your best and never let negative people or difficult times bring you down. Keep on pushing and never lose hope. Avoid the “what the hell effect” since it will not help you at all. Establish a strong discipline in your daily routine and see your improvements everyday. Do not lose your self­control over things and hold yourself accountable. If you ever find yourself slipping off track, shift your focus back to your goals. Lastly, be happy and enjoy the journey. Whenever you go after something that you have never done before you are going to experience some challenges. Remember your list of “Why’s” and all of the benefits that you will receive when you achieve your goal so just keep on pushing… In the end, you will surely reap the fruits of all your hard work. So, what are you waiting for? Start setting and reaching your goals in life. Have fun on your journey!

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